YUKKA lab successfully launched

YUKKA lab successfully launched

29 March 2019

We’ve been working with Avaloq for quite some time now. Our partnership really took off when we went to the ecosystem knowledge group at the end of May 2018 to present our solution to a small audience of Avaloq banks and employees.

We met with Bodo, back then program manager of the Avaloq ecosystem. He really liked our solution and presentation and we immediately started brainstorming ideas of how to collaborate more closely together in the future and generate added value for the customers with the integration of our technology in the Avaloq Ecosystem. 
As a follow up, one of our first conversations was about Avaloq pitching their latest innovation of the “web banking store” at FinovateAsia 2018. Avaloq was looking for a fintech solution to showcase, so we decided to build a prototype together. The collaboration was fun, easy and very efficient, and after a couple of calls and demos over Skype we agreed on an integration of YUKKA Lab to be showcased as a B2B2C solution for clients to customize their experience with the new Avaloq web banking store. 
Without much effort, we’ve customized our front-end and set up an API feed with up-to-date market information and insights for the prototype shortly before the show started at FinovateAsia in Hong Kong, so that Avaloq was able to demo real-time market sentiments on a chosen customer portfolio. 
Avaloq then went on to win “best of show” at Finovate Asia, and we were very proud to be part of this journey. 
The Avaloq demo at FinovateAsia with YUKKA Lab as the featured fintech solution in their store triggered great interest in the Asian market and we’ve received a lot of requests for our solution.

To promote our solution and our close collaboration with Avaloq, we conducted an interview with Bodo on Avaloq’s plans for the ecosystem, their connection and partnership with fintechs and he also gave an outlook on trends in the financial industry. Read more

In February 2019, we were invited as the first fintech to receive a sneak peak and detailed demo of Avaloq's new ecosystem avaloq.one and to provide feedback on it. To our surprise, they developed further screens and prototypes with concrete examples, flows and use cases and always used YUKKA Lab as the fintech persona in their scenarios. We discussed the features they’re introducing around the open APIs, looked at the developer sandbox and their new marketplace. The Avaloq Team was keen to get our feedback and immediately shifted into gears to get the onboarding experience for fintechs as smooth as possible.

Then end of February we took the next big step in our collaboration with Avaloq when they invited us to participate in their first “Fintech Tuesday”, an Avaloq hosted event to promote selected fintech solutions to banks. We are looking forward to attend and pitch our solution to selected representatives in the area of advisory and wealth management of Avaloq customer banks. 
We were surprised how quick the onboarding to the avaloq.one platform went through. Usually it takes weeks or months to get our offering out the door, in the market and in front of potential customers. In this case we were able to onboard to avaloq.one in about 15 minutes. To celebrate the successful onboarding Avaloq invited us to their ”unofficial staff only” avaloq.one launch party in Berlin, where we got to know the entire avaloq.one team and celebrated the go-live of the platform and being the first fintech onboarded to the marketplace – and it was a lot of fun!

We are eager to continue this journey with Avaloq to create a great ecosystem and add value to their clients with our capabilities. So far the partnership has been very constructive and we built great personal relationships with the outstanding ecosystem team over the last year. This relation has fostered a much better mutual understanding. On the Avaloq side about the fintech world and on our side about the Avaloq world, both coming with their specific challenges. But when you combine them there is a lot of potential for both sides. We are looking forward to further collaborate and push innovation in banking and financial services together with Avaloq as a partner.

Content by Oliver Berchtold, Chief Business Development & Co-Founder YUKKA Lab

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