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Avaloq Ventures in short

Being part of the Avaloq.one Ecosystem gives you direct access to financing as well as investment opportunities.

In this way, promising innovations are nurtured, not forgotten, and brilliant concepts now have a chance to materialize into fully-fledged banking and wealth management solutions. We believe that combined with our scouting, this not only helps fintechs on their journey but also adds value for financial investors.

Helping transform ideas and concepts into real-life solutions and business opportunities

What you get with Avaloq Ventures

See below what we’re looking for and what we’re offering in return

What we offer fintechs

Are you passionate, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and have a solution that solves real-life challenges? Then you’re exactly who we’re looking for. In return, we can be a trusted partner on your journey.

What we offer existing and potential investors

Avaloq Ventures is more than a forum for fintechs to pitch ideas – it offers financial institutions and ultra-high-net-worth clients the possibility to buy into the fund as an alternative investment opportunity.

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Pitch us

“Multi-custody solutions have been classically offered to serve independent asset managers’ needs. Today, banks are rediscovering the benefit of accessing external custodian data to provide better or new services to their private or institutional clients. Assetmax offers one of the most efficient and complete selections of custodian interfaces for the Swiss wealth management market. We firmly believe that our partnership with Avaloq will help us provide our clients with the best possible solutions to respond to these needs and to unlock further growth potential.”

Massimo Ferrari

CEO of Assetmax

Who’s behind Avaloq Ventures?

Investors of the Avaloq Ventures programme

Francisco Fernandez

Co-Founder & IC Member

Avaloq's founder and member of the board, a visionary entrepreneur who's dedicated his career to finance sector IT.

Alexander Christen

Co-Founder, CEO & IC Member

A tech-savvy investor and founding partner of DeepTech Ventures AG who held previous positions at SIX Swiss Exchange, Harcourt and Partners Group AG.

Johannes Minho Roth

Co-Founder, Investor & Advisor

A fintech entrepreneur and founding partner of FiveT Capital AG who started his career as the youngest specialist trader at Baader Bank AG.

Matthias Schindler

IC Member

The Product Domain Owner for Banking Transactions at Avaloq who drives innovation with his 20 years of experience in finance and IT.

Godefroy Schrago

CIO & IC Member

A co-founder of Sanostro (sygnal.ai), special situation analyst & option trader at FiveT Capital AG, who started his career at Goldman Sachs.

Marc-Alexander Baier

Head of Business Development

Former Head of Investor Relations and Director of Sales at Institutional Investor in APAC and Europe.

Florian Bitterli

Investment Manager

Master’s Graduate of the University of Basel who worked for the Center for innovative Finance and built a private DeFi ecosystem as his Master’s Thesis.

Vanessa Tschirky

Investment Associate

Bachelor student in Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen and co-founder of the student association inno-maker.

Good to know

Inspiration to pitch your business idea

Present your team

Provide information about your team – Present your employees. Keep in mind that investment doesn’t only require a great idea – but just as much passion and a strong team behind it.

Provide key selling points

Be clear about how your solution delivers real business value and what makes your solution unique.

Explain the monetization strategy

When starting as an idea on paper – the ambition is to transform it into an actual business opportunity. So, show the long-term potential, explain the monetization strategy and how you’ll drive profit.

Identify the target market

Who are your competitors and key clients? These are some of the important areas to cover to precisely define your market – and its potential.

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