Sandbox manual

Test your solution with live data in the Avaloq sandbox

Test, configure and integrate in a controlled environment – all in one place

The Avaloq sandbox is a model bank that runs on the Avaloq Core Platform. Here you can easily create and deploy your solution in a controlled and cloud-based setting. Once on-boarded – whether you are a fintech or developer in a financial institution – start testing in your individual sandbox environment. Swiftly develop your applications and banklets, integrate and test functions against the Avaloq Banking Suite.

Get access to your sandbox

To get full access to our sandbox capability, request your dedicated sandbox. Go to the ‘sandbox’ tab or click on ‘request a sandbox’ on your dashboard and fill out the request form – it only takes a few minutes.

NB: Sandboxes are only provided to legal entities, hence one sandbox for your organization - not for every individual user. The request form is filled in once, and the submitter of the request will then become the admin of the organization. The admin will be able to add other users with an account.

Initiating your sandbox

Once access has been granted, you will receive a confirmation email. You can now start your sandbox by selecting the ’sandbox’ tab in the navigation bar on the left side and then click ‘open sandbox’. The sandbox application will open automatically in a separate window.

The first time you open it, you need to create a sandbox. Go to the sandbox tab in the navigation bar and click on ‘add sandbox’. Choose a name and template for your sandbox and confirm by clicking on ‘add sandbox’. Your personalized sandbox will now be created in the cloud.

Accessing your sandbox

To access your sandbox, you need the URL and a JSON Web Token (JWT) to authorize your API calls. Click on ‘details’ to see the sandbox information necessary to get started. You will see the URL to access your sandbox and you can generate a JWT by clicking ‘generate tokens’.

Tip: You can copy both the URL as well as the token by clicking on the ’copy’ icon.

Request authorization token

To use our APIs, you need to get authenticated. To be authenticated, simply generate a JSON Web Token (JWT) by clicking on ‘generate tokens’ in the details view of your cockpit.

NB: the JWT will be valid for 4 hours; after 24 hours the sandbox will be stopped automatically.

Make your first API call to the sandbox

With your sandbox up and running, there is nothing standing in your way of using the data for your solution.

Go ahead – Code. Test. Deploy – As simple as that.

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