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How to get started

Sandbox tutorial 1:

In this video, we explain everything you need to know to get started with your own Avaloq Sandbox – from initial sign-up and the first request to instructions on how to create and get started with a sandbox.

How to create and work with an Avaloq Sandbox

Sandbox tutorial 2:

In this video, we explain how to create an Avaloq sandbox as well as how to work with it, such as using the URL and requesting tokens.

Postman table

Postman is an API development environment. With an account, get access to a selection of Postman APIs to help you simplify your workflow.

Postman collection file

Find descriptions of your API to organize your requests and mirror your workflows.

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Postman environment file

Speed up the usage of the collection by downloading the environment file.

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Example API use case

Accelerate the development of your workflow by following the example use cases.

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