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We are a digital network which connects Banks,Corporates and Wealth Managers to access, trade and place deposits globally in a fast, secure and seamless manner. For Private Banks, we provide digital fiduciary deposit solution for their customers to access 'best in class' global deposit rates.

Liquidly, Inc.


Liquidly builds trading infrastructure for private fund interests.

Lucht Probst Associates GmbH

Capmatix automation framework for documents, processes and data

Capmatix merges knowhow and technology, so that you can automate the creation of your processes and documents. It enables the automated creation of PIBs, KIDs and all documents around your individual products and related digital equivalent, i.e. explanatory and educational videos.

Evooq SA

Multi-issuer-platform for structured products

Evooq’s multi-issuer platform seamlessly connects investors and issuers of structured products. It is a fully automated solution that encompasses all steps of the process in a fast and efficient manner.

Blocksize Capital GmbH

Blocksize CORE - Digital Assets Brokerage

Blocksize Core™ is a modular one-stop platform which provides the trading infrastructure for digital assets. The integration of data from all major exchanges allows for unique insights into crypto markets as well as an efficient order placement, best execution and automated settlement.

Superflat SA


Smartivative is a blockchain based solution allowing enterprises to coordinate complex, multi party business processes including payments, assets transfers, negotiation and mediation with privacy and without putting any sensitive enterprise information on the blockchain

Fragmos Chain

Blockchain solution for Derivatives post-trade

Fragmos Chain solves post-trade inefficiencies for Derivatives. It drives 50%+ post-trade cost reductions through the elimination of inconsistencies, redundancies and manual tasks such as reconciliations, confirmations or disputes.


News Analyzer

Capture the mood of markets & discover topics that drive sentiment trends. YUKKA Lab developed a real-time currency for the sentiment of every company, index, industry and country based on proprietary Augmented Language Intelligence technology.

Monex AG

Multi Trade Ticket Interface

Tool for post trade processing and import of normalized trade tickets into Avaloq.

Liquidnet Europe Ltd

Securities Trading

At Liquidnet, our network directly connects like-minded investors who invest and trade in large size.