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VATit (Luxembourg) S.à r.l.

WTax - Foreign Withholding Tax Recovery Optimization

WTax is a foreign withholding tax (WHT) recovery specialist that provides wholly-outsourced recovery solutions, aimed at optimizing WHT recovery processes and capabilities. WTax attends to all administrative, technical and practical tasks to unlock recoveries in over 30 jurisdictions.

AtomInvest Software Ltd

Atominvest software for alternative investments

AtomInvest is an award-winning software solution for institutions in the Private Equity, VC, debt, real estate, infra, hedge funds space. Our software provides front-to-back office solutions and workflow management tools to streamline your alternative investments business.



RAQUEST is the leading software that simplifies the entire process of withholding tax optimisation. The solution enables financial institutions to release their clients from double taxation automatically and in the fastest way possible: through relief at source, quick refund or reclaim.

Crypto Finance AG

Storage Solution - Secure digital asset storage and management

The Crypto Finance Storage Solution enables financial institutions to securely store and manage digital assets for themselves and their clients.

Braingroup AG


OMNIUM is the financial advisory software that sets new standards in intuitive digital multi-channel advisory for self, face-to-face and expert advice. The key modules cover intial advisory, mortgage, wealth management, pension provision, pension/life planning, and tax.



Flowable enables enterprises to automate a wide range of business processes: From information aggregation to the entire customer lifecycle management. The combination of the notation standards BPMN, CMMN, DMN make it possible to efficiently model business activities for perfect workflow management.

Crystal Blockchain B.V.

Crystal Blockchain Analytics Platform for Crypto AML/ KYT Compliance

Crystal Blockchain is an advanced blockchain explorer and analytics tool, providing solutions for crypto businesses and regulators to untangle blockchain addresses and transactions. Through an unrivalled investigative toolset, users can confidently interact with and trust virtual assets.

Lucht Probst Associates GmbH

Capmatix automation framework for documents, processes and data

Capmatix merges knowhow and technology, so that you can automate the creation of your processes and documents. It enables the automated creation of PIBs, KIDs and all documents around your individual products and related digital equivalent, i.e. explanatory and educational videos.

Evooq SA

Advisory application

Evooq’s advisory application is a digital platform that integrates all advisory services. It covers the whole client management and investment process, and enables customization at scale.

RedHat Switzerland

Data Migration Services

Various technologies for middleware and OS, as well as RH Linux, MQ and various cloud solutions.


Avaloq OTI

Oracle provides the underlying bank critical database technology for the Avaloq Banking Suite, enabling stability, scalability and data consistency.


ATM Server

CREALOGIX ATM Server ensures rapid and convenient withdrawal of cash from as well as a fast and secure data exchange between the bank and ATMs.