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Squirro AG

Squirro Sales Insights

Squirro provides Client Relationship Managers with the right insights and recommendations at the right moment in the context of their work – automatically. Squirro Sales Insights provides the right insights and recommendations at the right moment in the context of your work – automatically.


ABAKA Data Aggregation (Open Banking, Retirement, Savings)

Use ABAKA’s Open Retirement, Open Savings and Open Banking technology to simply and seamlessly aggregate your clients' externally held accounts


Distributed data security vault

Keybox uses the power of blockchain to provide a highly secure, fully decentralised and fragmented enterprise data storage solution directly addressing the challenges of data breaches. Its permissioned smart contracts allow data owners to control and audit who can access, recombine and use the data.

Flurin Schenkel & Partner GmbH


We provide Swiss BIBs for structured products. Get your BIBs (Basisinformationsblatt) as comfortable as possible over our Web- API. We got the best coverage and deliver always the newest versions.


ABAKA Content & Analytics

Not every customer you have will engage with you in the same way. That’s why we provide ongoing customer engagement through personalised content and smart analytics, allowing you to tailor your approach.


ABAKA Intelligent Nudges

Hyper-personalized engagement is an essential part of customer acquisition & retention. Intelligent Nudges provides that, employing machine learning across big data to deliver hyper-personalisation engagement.


Countly Enterprise Edition

Countly is an enterprise-grade, on-premise product analytics, marketig and user experience solution, focusing on fintech, banking, insurance and healthcare companies.

Fragmos Chain

Blockchain solution for Derivatives post-trade

Fragmos Chain solves post-trade inefficiencies for Derivatives. It drives 50%+ post-trade cost reductions through the elimination of inconsistencies, redundancies and manual tasks such as reconciliations, confirmations or disputes.

Simplewealth AG

Wealth Manager Toolbox

Simplewealth enables asset managers to aggregate into a unique clean dataset the inputs from their custodians. Our tool understands the custodians' inputs and translates them into one simple view for the asset manager to work on.

Bottomline Technologies


GTExchange allows banks and financial institutions to access multiple financial networks through a single window providing transparency.

Oraise Schweiz AG

SnapFlux with Adapter for Avaloq

Solution that enables fully redundant integration of the Avaloq Banking Suite.

AIM Software

GAIN Security Master

GAIN Security Master is a productized business application that centralizes and automates the acquisition and management of reference data and securities data across all asset classes.