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A worldwide first way of telling the story of a retail client's portfolio performance

Key features

  • Increases customer satisfaction, financial knowledge and trust through increased information and engagement
  • Explains historical performance of an investment portfolio in understandable language to retail investors
  • Frees up time of client relationship managers by automating analysis & reporting of portfolio performance

Based on our research, most retail investors are not satisfied with the periodic account statements they receive.  Their reports usually contain unintuitive tables with numbers or high level macro-economic explanations without any clear link to the actual investments of the client.

Also personal investment advisors and relationship managers find it difficult to pinpoint the main drivers for an investment portfolio’s performance.  The time required to manually produce a detailed explanation of performance is roughly 1 full day.

Our StoryTeller helps to explain portfolio performance in an understandable way to retail investors. It provides an in-depth view of the returns over a chosen time period and illustrates events that have impacted the performance and to what degree. All the relevant information is shown in an intuitive white-label solution, combining strong visuals with human storytelling principles.

StoryTeller can also support an investment advisor in his meetings with clients to more easily explain the portfolio performance.  Advisors can free up time by automating the reporting and analysis of portfolio performance.

StoryTeller is built around five modules.

DATA:  Our data module uses a smart caching system to generate a StoryTeller report in seconds and provide snackable insights.

ATTRIBUTION:   We analyse how much certain factors contributed to the portfolio performance, aggregate those to easy-to-explain attribution factors and then highlight those that had the most significant impact.

NEWS:  We provide a summary and links to relevant, well-explained and high-quality news articles on the factors that had a significant impact on portfolio performance.

SMART Natural Language Generation (NLG):  We take into account the language and the level of financial literacy of the end-client to tell insightful stories about the portfolio performance.  

VISUALISATION: A picture tells 1000 words.  Our embedded images help create engagement & support the effectiveness of conveying the story of the investor's performance. 

StoryTeller is easy to integrate via APIs and is available as an integrated or standalone cloud-based application.  It maintains consistency with the performance calculations of the financial institution and allows a high degree of customisation (front-end) and parametrisation (back-end).

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Company description

InvestSuite was founded in June 2018 and has raised €6m funding, built a team of 35 people and participated in 6 acceleration programs. Our headquarters are in Leuven, Belgium and we currently have a sales presence in 15 countries. We aim to be the undisputed global leader in wealthtech as a service by 2025. We provide best-in-class wealth management products to financial institutions faster and at a fraction of the cost versus building them in house. Our senior and multidisciplinary team builds services that are engaging, educational & personalized for each and every client. Our solutions push the boundaries of wealthtech innovation to help banks build trusting and long-term relationships with their clients.

Company Investsuite NV

Released 09.04.2020

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