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Blocksize Capital GmbH

Blocksize CORE - Digital Assets Brokerage

Blocksize Core™ is a modular one-stop platform which provides the trading infrastructure for digital assets. The integration of data from all major exchanges allows for unique insights into crypto markets as well as an efficient order placement, best execution and automated settlement.

Superflat SA


Smartivative is a blockchain based solution allowing enterprises to coordinate complex, multi party business processes including payments, assets transfers, negotiation and mediation with privacy and without putting any sensitive enterprise information on the blockchain

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VATit (Luxembourg) S.à r.l.

WTax - Foreign Withholding Tax Recovery Optimization

WTax is a foreign withholding tax (WHT) recovery specialist that provides wholly-outsourced recovery solutions, aimed at optimizing WHT recovery processes and capabilities. WTax attends to all administrative, technical and practical tasks to unlock recoveries in over 30 jurisdictions.

AtomInvest Software Ltd

Atominvest software for alternative investments

AtomInvest is an award-winning software solution for institutions in the Private Equity, VC, debt, real estate, infra, hedge funds space. Our software provides front-to-back office solutions and workflow management tools to streamline your alternative investments business.



RAQUEST is the leading software that simplifies the entire process of withholding tax optimisation. The solution enables financial institutions to release their clients from double taxation automatically and in the fastest way possible: through relief at source, quick refund or reclaim.


AML Platform

The AML Platform for cryptoassets is powered by 270+ proprietary risk data point algorithms for AML, CFT, SDN sanctions & more. Customizable alert thresholds for BSA, AMLD5/6 & the FATF guidelines. 1,500+ protocols/coins/tokens covered. 10,000+ blockchain entities monitored.



Unblu’s Conversational Platform consists of a range of digital products designed to empower wealth managers and advisors to deliver advice that’s more personalized, flexible, and efficient. Unblu’s platform enables a secure digital relationship between advisors and clients.



We are a digital network which connects Banks,Corporates and Wealth Managers to access, trade and place deposits globally in a fast, secure and seamless manner. For Private Banks, we provide digital fiduciary deposit solution for their customers to access 'best in class' global deposit rates.

Crypto Finance AG

Storage Solution - Secure digital asset storage and management

The Crypto Finance Storage Solution enables financial institutions to securely store and manage digital assets for themselves and their clients.

Crypto Finance AG

Crypto Custody Services - Secure FINMA-regulated digital asset custody

Crypto Finance provides digital asset custody and investment for banks and other financial institutions and participation in the emerging digital asset class with secure, 24/7, liquid, transparent order execution. The group is licenced by FINMA as a securities firm.

Crypto Finance AG

Crypto Brokerage Services - FINMA-regulated access to digital assets markets

The Crypto Finance brokerage allows banks and other financial institutions to participate in the emerging digital asset class with secure, liquid, and transparent order execution. The group brokerage is a FINMA-licenced securities firm, and all clients benefit from 24/7 liquidity provision.