InvestSuite's entrance in the marketplace quickly drew attention from the Avaloq Bank community


InvestSuite’s modern digital investment solutions help financial institutions, brokers, and wealth managers serve their clients better.

In 2020, InvestSuite joined the Ecosystem and made their total of four solutions, including their StoryTeller, available in the marketplace.


Was the year InvestSuite was founded


Countries where InvestSuite has sales presence


Dedicated employees

Transforming client experiences through AI and robotics

Today, clients demand an intuitive end-to-end front-end flow from their financial institutions and wealth managers. To implement InvestSuite and integrate their solutions, the financial industry is one step closer to a more digitized end-to-end process.

Since 2018, InvestSuite has helped wealth managers create excellent client experiences, and in return, commercial success for the financial institutions. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, intuitive user design and human insights, InvestSuite joined the Ecosystem in 2020.

Believing in the power of collaboration, InvestSuite now can engage with Avaloq's network of leading financial institutions and help them provide a Proof of Concept of Robo Advisory. InvestSuite Robo Advisor solution is the best-in-class white-label solution that lets financial institutions offer clients an easy, safe, and affordable way to invest. If you want to find out more about InvestSuite, browse their website.

"We are thrilled to partner with Avaloq, a global leader in digital banking solutions and wealth management technology, to offer our distinguished product suite of modular wealthtech solutions to more clients in new markets. Our cost-effective investment solutions are targeting a broader client base than typical wealth management offerings since many next-generation investors are not willing to pay high advisory and management fees."

Bart Vanhaeren

CEO and co-founder of InvestSuite

After its launch on the marketplace, InvestSuite received immediate attention within the Avaloq Bank community. Financial institutions and relationship managers are ready for the next generation of investing with InvestSuite's digital end-to-end wealth solutions, built to enhance the client banking experience.

In the Avaloq Core platform, InvestSuite's Robo optimization enables financial institutions invest and disinvest into a portfolio based on their risk profile.

Mutual benefits realised

Collaboration through the Ecosystem has proven to be valuable for both InvestSuite and financial institutions

Access to leading financial institutions for InvestSuite

With access many leading financial institutions in Ecosystem, InvestSuite connected to a the Avaloq Bank community who can implement their robotics technology.

Achieving advisory excellence through robotics and AI

Connecting to InvestSuite through the marketplace allows financial institutions to enhance their offering powered by Robo Advisory, Self Investor, Portfolio Optimizer, or Storyteller technology.

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