GTExchange allows banks and financial institutions to access multiple financial networks through a single window providing transparency.

Glory AdapterGlory Adapter Certified by Avaloq

Device Controller to enable connectivity between Avaloq Banking System and Glory’s Teller Cash Recyclers.

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The Mortgage Operations module supports all relevant business processes to manage real securities (mortgage liens) and their realities.

Global Standard Adapters, Supported Industry Standards

Standard Adapter MQBridge to Websphere.

IBO Performance Watcher

The professional monitoring and reporting platform Performance Watcher allows to compare and track an unlimited number of portfolios.

Global Standard Adapters

Functionality: CTM Post Trade Reconciliation.

ICE Data Services

ICE Data Services provides a comprehensive range of market insights & information including pricing, analytics, indices and exchange data via secure connections.

GAIN Security Master

GAIN Security Master is a productized business application that centralizes and automates the acquisition and management of reference data and securities data across all asset classes.

IMPAQ Adapter

Avaloq Adapter for the AML and Compliance Platform.


ImpaQt allows for pre-trade portfolio risk suitability, enable on-going risk monitoring and automated investment proposals.

K&W Software AG

Omni-channel platform for credit & mortgage advisory services for private clients and small and medium-sized enterprises.