Case and process management


my Wealth - revolutionary wealth management

My Wealth app is a unique solution as it merges traditional and digital advisory process into a hybrid model. It brings an engaging digital experience and holistic portfolio overview to the clients and helps them understanding the composition and historical progress of their portfolio.

Flurin Schenkel & Partner GmbH


We provide Swiss BIBs for structured products. Get your BIBs (Basisinformationsblatt) as comfortable as possible over our Web- API. We got the best coverage and deliver always the newest versions.

at-point ag


The finance industry’s most attractive credit-highway. atpoint.FINAP360 provides end-2-end support for the customer consultant in their preparation, through the customer consulting process, right until the submission of the credit application.

True Wealth AG

True Wealth

True Wealth digital wealth management solution is a robo advisor that can be integrated into a banks e-banking.

theScreener Investor Services AG

Portfolio Health Check Report Banklet

Direct access to online portfolio health check reports through Avaloq Web Banking.

Tax Source GmbH

TaxSource GmbH

Your partner for tax compliance of national and international private clients. We deliver country specific tax statements and reports.

Sentifi AG

Sentifi AG - Sentifi Widgets & API

Customisable solutions placed directly on any platform that provide contextual information.

CBOE Vest Technologies

Derivatives Strategy Platform

Plattform allows investors to build derivatives strategies in seconds setting risk and return parameters and monitoring performance

Qwil Messenger

Qwil Messenger

Qwil Messenger is a single persistent chat app for everyone, allowing clients of multiple firms to safely engage with their staff representatives within a branded space, fully controlled and coordinated by each firm.

Investsuite NV


A worldwide first way of telling the story of a retail client's portfolio performance


Interactive Advisor

Interactive Advisor is an investment and sales content and personalization hub. Its intelligent recommendation engine enables investment and sales teams to deliver content that fully matches with user profiles and preferences at any point within the client journey.