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Connecting financial institutions and fintechs. In our extensive marketplace, financial institutions can find their next innovative solution, and fintechs get the chance to join a community that will accelerate their business from day one. Enter a new era of open banking and discover the easy way to collaborate and innovate – on one platform.

Achieve speed, scale, and greater impact


At Avaloq, we know you need to move at a fast pace. That’s why we ensure fintechs can be onboarded in weeks – not months. And financial institutions can improve time-to-market and agility with easy access to fintechs.


Want to scale your business? The Avaloq.one Ecosystem enables fintechs to grow their businesses through the Avaloq network and financial institutions can conveniently add new solutions, and technologies to their offering.


The difference for fintechs and financial institutions in the Avaloq.one Ecosystem starts from day one. Financial institutions will benefit from the best-of-breed technologies and fintechs can accelerate their success.

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solutions in the Avaloq.one marketplace and growing


Open API end points across 16 modules. Plus, Open APIs on demand


Rest APIs available for integration of 3rd party fintech solutions

Benefits for financial institutions

Financial institutions gain access to innovative fintechs and integrate their technologies conveniently into their existing setup. Stay competitive, improve client engagement, and offer better financial services to help achieve clients’ financial goals.

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Benefits for fintechs

In the Avaloq.one Ecosystem, fintechs get direct access to a network of 150+ financial institutions and with fast onboarding, the opportunity to showcase their solution to a community of peers, partners and potential clients.

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Avaloq.one marketplace

Browse our marketplace and find the right solutions for your needs. We are here to support you with your challenges, enhance your solutions – and help you stand out from the competition.

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“The Avaloq.one Ecosystem is the intersection between 150+ Avaloq banks and 120+ Fintech partners. We want fintechs to be successful faster across multiple financial institutions and we want to help financial institutions become more organized when it comes to dealing with fintechs.”

Anders Christensen
Head of the Avaloq.one Ecosystem

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As a fintech or developer in a financial institution, start to test, configure, and integrate solutions in the easy-to-use and customized sandbox environment. Allow your creativity to be set free - start developing in your sandbox today.

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