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Access 150+ global financial institutions and wealth managers

With the ecosystem, you can market your solutions to a global list of well-established financial institutions and showcase how your products and services meet their needs. Connect your solution to Avaloq Core via the fintech sandbox and a wide range of APIs.

Scale your business

It requires more than dedication and the best technology to successfully sell your solutions. It also requires access to the best network and community – so that your business can reach its full potential.

Avaloq is an industry leader with 150+ financial institutions as clients – clients you can access through the ecosystem. A platform that offers tools like sandboxes, APIs and readily available documentation for collaboration, giving you room to scale up from the onset.

Access financial institutions

In order to scale up your business from day one, you need direct access to a wide network of financial institutions. By adding your solution to our ecosystem, you can fast-track your way to a wealth of partnerships.

Expert insights

As a fintech, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience from a community of peers, partners and potential clients ready to offer their perspectives and feedback.

Go global

In addition to being able to offer your solutions to our clients, experience connectivity and collaboration across major fintech hubs globally.

Join the ecosystem

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“With its 158 global clients Avaloq is a key player in today’s banking sector and we are very happy to partner with Avaloq for an end-to-end digital asset trading platform. Together, we will lay the groundwork for the next level of evolution in the fintech sector leading to an all DLT/blockchain based banking landscape”

Andy Flury

CEO & Founder of AlgoTrader AG.

”ABAKA works with banks and savings providers around the world to build digital banking solutions that create outstanding customer experiences. We’re excited about the potential of what we can help banks achieve in 2020. Joining the Ecosystem will provide ABAKA further access to Avaloq banks worldwide and will accelerate the innovation push in this space.”

Fahd Rachidy

Founder and CEO of ABAKA

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Today, our marketplace is home to more than 140 solutions. With ongoing plans to extend our network and welcome more innovative fintechs to the fold, it’s a number that will keep growing. Check out a selection of some fintech partners in our community below or explore our marketplace for a full overview.

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