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The world is changing at a rapid pace, forcing financial institutions to stay ahead – or get left behind. To keep up with growing competition and advances in technology, established financial institutions and wealth managers need easy access to the best innovators in the field. Enter the ecosystem – a one-stop shop for the latest innovation.

Accelerate innovation

At Avaloq, we believe innovation happens through collaboration – not isolation. That’s why, with our ecosystem, we connect financial institutions to fintechs, creating room for improvements in flexibility and agility.

Once connected, integrate with the many fintech solutions available on the marketplace. It’s the easy way to innovate and collaborate – all on one platform.

Meet your clients’ need

Through co-innovation and collaboration with leading fintechs, integrate new solutions seamlessly and learn how to meet changing needs and client expectations head on.

Launch new solutions, faster

Easily integrate 3rd party functionality and wave goodbye to complex in-house development. For faster time-to-market and quicker development of new client products and services.

Seize every opportunity

Collaborate with our ecosystem partners and seamlessly build, configure and validate new functionalities using a sandbox environment. Enjoy risk-free opportunities, which require minimal in-house development.

Create customized experiences

Offer clients access to highly specialized skill sets using market-leading fintech solutions, which have been tested, integrated and validated.

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Embrace open banking

This is the era of open banking, where financial institutions can take advantage of numerous opportunities to scale and innovate business using APIs and integrated ecosystems. So, why not make the most of it and open up your business to the power of collaboration. Start today.

Turn threats into opportunities

Financial institutions are going through rapid change, facing growing and fierce competition.

By embracing open banking, they can turn these challenges into opportunities – with easy access to the latest ready-to-use fintech solution or collaborating on their own innovations.

Win through technology

In the new era, the battle will be won by quickly turning new technologies into opportunities – via new innovative products and services.

To get there requires seamless integration – made possible through collaboration with 3rd party specialists; using, for example, AI and machine learning to gather data, all the while improving the digital client experience.

Elevate the client experience

Faced with growing demand for simpler, more intuitive digital solutions, financial institutions are feeling the pressure.

To regain the upper hand, they must become facilitators, operating within an open ecosystem where they can focus on providing the latest products and services – working with third parties to offer a broader set of capabilities and keep clients happy. marketplace

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