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The ecosystem connects fintechs to banks.


Fintechs integrate once and reach 150+ banks globally. When selected by the bank, the fintech solution gets distributed to millions of clients. 


Banks achieve a much faster time-to-market for innovation. They can choose from a large selection of already integrated Fintech solutions and have no additional integration costs.


Clients can customize their online banking. With our latest innovation “my store” they can choose fintech solutions based on personal needs.

Connect with open APIs

Connect your solution with our banking platform via open APIs.


Gain access to +150 REST API endpoints and request more.


Chat with our specialists, read our documentation and integrate your solution for immediate and optimal use by banks and clients. Let’s shape the future of banking with open APIs.

Test in the Sandbox

Integrate and test your solution with our market-leading banking platform.


Access our cloud environment and use standard configuration of our banking platform to test and improve system integration via open APIs.


Create, manage and configure your test environment using our developer sandbox administration portal and documentation.

Sell in the Marketplace

Integrate your solution once, and reach 150+ banks globally.


Connect your solution, provide information on key functionalities and benefits for clients and upload your information to the marketplace.


Together we promote your solution to banks worldwide and boost your global reach and expand your market potential. is set to become a leading ecosystem for developers, fintechs and banks.

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