Qwil joins avaloq.one

Qwil joins avaloq.one

31 May 2019

We’ve had a truly positive experience with avaloq.one so far. We had been in discussion with the Avaloq team for a few months to determine the best way to work together and complement our offerings. It was however, only when we met the broader team in March 2019, demoed Qwil messenger, our secure and compliant Client Chat platform, and were presented the avaloq.one vision that all the pieces fell into place. Within minutes of the meeting ending, we were all communicating on an Avaloq branded tenancy of Qwil Messenger. With that hands-on experience to rapidly define the integration potential and the benefit of a chat channel to build a strong and personal business relationship, Qwil Messenger became the second product on the avaloq.one marketplace available on the launch day.

The self-onboarding process was very straight-forward but the team was keen to gather all suggestions and feedback to further improve the experience - all of which were incorporated the following day. This is a great indicator of the motivation and agility of avaloq.one team to create a working ecosystem providing added-value to all participants and especially one with the objective to continuously improve.

Qwil Messenger was invited to pitch to clients at a first “Fintech Tuesday”, the same event which saw avaloq.one become official.  This was a great opportunity for us meet with Avaloq banks in Switzerland, one of our key markets outside of the UK where we are based. We really value having avaloq.one supporting our strategy of entering new markets.

There are only advantages of joining the marketplace as early we did. Being associated with the leading core banking platform with avaloq.one not only increases awareness for our solution through media exposure but even more importantly, gives credibility of the quality of our solution and our integration potential. avaloq.one received substantial media attention and no doubt that being present each time the marketplace was and is discussed has resulted in client interest for “Qwil Messenger.” In fact, after one pitch of avaloq.one, several banks expressed their interest in our solution to the team. This is a partnership and the avaloq.one team not only facilitated this first meeting with the banking client but we also worked together to showcase the integration of Qwil Messenger into the Avaloq front-ends. This showed the bank a concrete example of a user journey and how the implementation may look between platforms. At this moment, the avaloq.one motto “connecting Fintechs and banks” turned out to become reality and confirmed the strength of a joint-up proposition for the client.

We really appreciate the strong collaboration spirit between the teams and the concrete use cases we are developing with avaloq.one. The avaloq.one team not only has taken the time to understand our solution to be able to independently position Qwil Messenger with clients but have also defined the integration approach for the client’s specific business processes.

We are very much looking forward to working closely with the avaloq.one team. From the quick onboarding to a daily dialogue on Qwil Messenger, the experience couldn’t have been smoother. We share avaloq.one’s vision to not only create a web banking store for banks but one also for bank clients which is a game changer for the whole industry and the Fintechs that work alongside such platforms.

Content by Laurent Guyot, Chief Revenue & Financial Officer

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