The Ecosystem welcomes a new era of client engagement powered by ABAKA's Artificial Financial Intelligence Platform


ABAKA is a global leader in digital saving and retirement enterprise SaaS solutions, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology improves the way financial services providers engage with their clients and helps them financially plan for the future.

In 2020, ABAKA joined the Ecosystem and made their conversational chatbot AVA, intelligent nudges and much more available in the marketplace.


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Awarded Best Pension Technology Solution at Finovate Europe

Keep up with client demands for seamless end-to-end journeys

If financial institutions are to keep pace with the ever-changing expectations of clients, digital innovation cannot stop at innovation labs and SMS alerts. With the introduction of ABAKA to the Ecosystem, financial institutions can now integrate software that helps improve client engagement and communication.

Artificial intelligence combined with new communication technology offers unprecedented opportunities to improve financial services. Through the Ecosystem, financial institutions can conveniently access ABAKA solutions and similarly, ABAKA is exposed to a broad network of financial institutions that can scale their business at a fast pace.

The Artificial Finance IntelligenceTM Platform, conversational AI and chatbots, intelligent nudges, analytics functions and more are just some of ABAKA's innovative technology offerings. All made possible with the Open APIs and sandboxes offered through the Ecosystem. To find out more, learn more about ABAKA by browsing their website.

“ABAKA works with banks and savings providers around the world to build digital banking solutions that create outstanding customer experiences. We’re excited about the potential of what we can help banks achieve in 2020. Joining the Ecosystem will provide ABAKA further access to Avaloq financial institutions worldwide and will accelerate the innovation push in this space.”

Fahd Rachidy


By being part of the Ecosystem, ABAKA has been able to demonstrate its platform to the Avaloq Bank community – showing the possibilities of the ABAKA e-Retirement solution, funding the account, and investing the funds according to the user’s retirement goals.

This is only the start of the journey for ABAKA on the Ecosystem.

“Today, we see a greater demand from financial institutions for AI-powered, digital banking solutions and cloud-based platforms, but many remain constrained by legacy and outdated systems. We are impressed with the AI-powered solutions ABAKA is bringing to the market to help meet these challenges. Coupled with our expertise in building SaaS, BPaaS as well as on-premises solutions for private banks and wealth managers, we are confident this latest addition to the Ecosystem will put us both at the forefront of digital banking innovation for our clients.” Says Martin Greweldinger, Group Chief Product Officer of Avaloq.

ABAKA is a great example of the power of collaboration between fintechs and financial institutions – enabled by Ecosystem.

Mutual benefits realized

Collaboration brings opportunities for fintechs and financial institutions

Presenting the ABAKA technology to a broad network

As a fintech in the marketplace, ABAKA has access to 150+ financial institutions as potential clients. Through the Ecosystem, ABAKA can scale its solution to a broad network of financial institutions.

Financial institutions stay competitive with the latest solutions

In the marketplace, financial institutions can conveniently access fintech solutions like ABAKA's comprehensive and integrative Artificial Financial IntelligenceTM Platform – to provide more innovative solutions to their clients.

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