Digital platform for intranets, extranets, public portals, websites and application integration.

Vasco Data Security

Vasco Data SecurityDIGIPASS® for Apps

An all-in-one developer’s toolkit designed to improve security and user convenience across your mobile application ecosystem.


CCM Presentation

The presentation module is a simple-to-use, web-based interface to generate and share presentations with pre-approved content and design.


CCM Standard

The Standard module enables the creation of client reports with pre-defined content, such as transaction advices & portfolio statements.

DSwiss AG


DSwiss AG is a worldwide leading provider of highly secure digital services.


CCM Interactive

The Interactive module enables business to create and edit a document in real time on their devices, seamlessly integrating it into business processes.


ABAKA Artificial Financial Intelligence Platform

ABAKA is global leader in digital saving & retirement SaaS solutions, powered by AI. Our cloud technologies & modular apps enable financial institutions to power digital saving & retirement solutions delivering scalable & affordable advice on retirement, savings & investments to retail customers

Investsuite NV


A worldwide first way of telling the story of a retail client's portfolio performance



e-Services for Avaloq has been designed by COMIT, together with Ergon and Netcetera, as a lean solutions.

Bucher + Suter AG

Contact Centre

Contact Centre enables the integration of a Cisco-based contact center in the Avaloq Banking System.

Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services AG

Swiss ODS Adapter

Pre-Paid Card Services ODS (Order Direct System).


ABAKA Content & Analytics

Not every customer you have will engage with you in the same way. That’s why we provide ongoing customer engagement through personalised content and smart analytics, allowing you to tailor your approach.